What to Look For When Choosing a Climbing Wall Manufacturer

When choosing a Climbing Wall Manufacturer, you need to think about what style of climbing you’re interested in doing. There are walls made specifically for lead climbing, walls made for bouldering, walls that can be attached to other indoor walls for a mini-ballet wall, and there even are walls that can be attached to other indoor walls to form a full-sized bouldering wall. You also need to make sure that your Climbing Wall Manufacturer can supply you with all the required equipment to do the activity you want to do. There should be at least one belay device that is recommended for each member of your climbing team. Belays are devices that keep the climber from being able to fall off the wall due to being held up by the second piece of equipment. Most climbers also use harnesses that attach the climber to the wall with an attached safety catch. See this – https://www.impactclimbing.com/

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The next thing you need to check when searching for a climbing wall manufacturer is if they carry the equipment you need in their stock. It may be that the Climbing Wall Manufacturer doesn’t offer the specific system that you want, or it’s not available on the size of the wall you need, or you need a belay device that is larger than what the wall offers. Some systems allow you to easily adjust the size of the belay system allowing you to be able to vary the distance between your climbing partner and the wall. This way you won’t waste time adjusting your harness so that you can use the belay system at the correct height to catch the rope.

Finally you need to make sure the Climbing Wall Manufacturer can supply the materials for the system you want to install in your gym. Some manufacturers only sell their equipment and climbing holds as part of a package. Other companies will sell you the climbing holds separately from the equipment. If you’re looking for specific accessories like helmets, climbing holds or a webbing system you may need to find a company who deals with all of these accessories.

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